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  2. morethan-a-few:

    Joker vs Batman by Riccardo-Fasoli


  3. madshypnosis:

    Move on - Montenegro and Germany.

    (Including a little of Mads’ chest hair)

  4. The Justice League.


  5. (claryfryから)

  6. andrew-scott-has-the-tardis:

    Unf aviators.


  7. everynineyearsandthirtyfourdays:

    Batman and Wonder Woman #30
    (w) Peter J. Tomasi; (p) Patrick Gleason


  8. Fashion Wonderland: Tony Ward f/w 2013-2014


  9. Robert Downey Jr. spotted in London antique-shopping with Kiefer Sutherland (not pictured), May 10, 2014 [dailymail]


  10. Daddy’s had enough now!


  11. thatsebastianbarnes:

    C’est un peu comme notre père à tous.

    He’s like a father for us.


  12. foolonyou:

    Secret Avengers #1

    So I guess this is a thing now.


  13. fishgrl0:

    I really don’t care which one they use for the movie I jus need this movie to happen soon. Btw which one do you like best.